Parallax Web Animation


For this project we learned how to create a website that had parallax in it. We had to utilize our learning skills and find easy tutorials that would guide us through the process of making a website. We had to publish our website onto an online server. We did this through Cyberduck. We also had to be able to add in certain elements into the website like audio. The way we did this was going to w3schools and finding an audio tutorial. Wrapping up the project was probably the hardest part for us. We were all over the place and had to deal with end-project issues like not knowing where to put our stuff. The best part for us was building a display of information that was complex enough to seem legitimate, yet simple enough to comprehend.



This is my CSS code

My Page

You can get to my website by following this link.

What I Learned

I learned hot to effectively utilize my time and use time as a factor in the pace that I worked. I think that time made it easier to stay focused on the task at hand. I had to learn how to analyze code and certain aspects of it like code to embed a YouTube video into a webpage. One problem that I had was putting audio into the webpage. So what I did was found a tutorial to make the audio work efficiently in the webpage. You can find that tutorial here.


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